Monday, December 7, 2009

Xmas is just around the corner

So the end of the year is fast approaching. I think i should look back my achievements with my team .. we started post on IMANI in december 2008 and now I have just completed what i consider the final final final cut...awaiting info from sweden as to the colour correction etc...
it has taken just over 12 months including the reshoot and additional shooting in June. I also lost an editor late August September so its been a battle but at the end of the day its those who get to the finish line that win the race...i thank all those who worked on the project for their wonderful energy and contribution plus of course family and friends who have been supporting me through it all...pssst i havent reached the finishing line but i can see it it close now
I look forward to the xmas break and renewal next year... when IMANI is launched finally

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