Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bank holiday kampala

Editing at home means I get to work on IMANI at all times of day and night. A good thing and a bad thing coz it's always there. I sent cuts to Dorothee and jan so fingers crossed plus Alice and lee finally saw the film they had heard about and were impressed . I need the money to get the doubdrack done craig says I can use his name. I continue to visualize sucess for remarkable film but it is a lonely journey right now. Curretly I am between cutting a new trailer and catching up on the eastender omnibus, yes a recent guilty pleasure done it twice over the last year so it ain't that bad.
Congrats to fellow women filmmakers wanuri and hawa.

Pssst the new website for Imani is
It's under prodction at the moment.
More soon

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